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Ep 12: Ancient Communication
Season 1

Ep 12: Ancient Communication

A people’s history
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Ep 11: Noise, Noise, Noise!
Season 1

Ep 11: Noise, Noise, Noise!

Cutting through the digital roar
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Ep 10: Several Short Questions About Writing
Season 1

Ep 10: Several Short Questions About Writing

With Verlyn Klinkenborg
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About the podcast

Communication is hard. Being a communications professional is even harder.

In each episode of Infernal Communication, we take a deeper look at the wild little fires communicators have to put out every day. We uncover the surprising reach of these oh-so-common problems in communications and beyond.

Join us as we recruit authors, scientists, and experts to help get some fresh perspectives that will soothe the burn of your latest communication snafu, and help you think differently about your work and life.

Infernal Communication is a must-listen. The production is next-level. The topics are relevant but there are episodes that break out of the typical fare to share fresh voices having fresh conversations on fresh concepts.

It feels like I am hanging out with friends. Each episode gave me valuable insights through clever banter, personal stories, and fascinating guest speakers.

Infernal Communication has been one of the most entertaining podcasts in the IC podcast industry! The guests bring such a rich history of knowledge & experience when it comes to aspects of the profession.

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