Acenda Health Launches Employee Comms App to Unite Workforce

Staffbase solution chosen to modernize communications with all employees

New York, NY, January 14, 2021 – Looking to unite a growing remote healthcare workforce, rebrand following a merger, and replace their primary ineffective comms tools – intranet and email – New Jersey’s Acenda Integrated Health partnered with Staffbase on a modern solution. 

The result was a customized, branded employee app called ACE (Acenda Communications for Employees) that not only addresses this non-profit’s internal comms challenges, but also creates a unified culture for both new and tenured staff members at Acenda.   

“When launching the Staffbase app, our main goals were to keep our team informed and to foster more connections within a growing workforce,” said Cassandra Boyce, Acenda Integrated Health’s Director of Development and Marketing. “Our old intranet solution was slow and sending lots of emails to a mostly mobile workforce that already gets tons of emails during the day meant messages could be going unchecked and employees weren’t being informed in a timely convenient manner. We can see from our engagement rates now that employees are more informed thanks to ACE and they have easier access to the information they need to get their job done.”

Leveraging the analytics within the Staffbase platform, Boyce and her team can quickly identify that overall engagement stays above 90% and ACE has an active weekly user rate of 88%. “Our user rate on the app is way better than our email open rate,” referring to Acenda’s previous tactic of bi-weekly staff emails. “If we want staff to know about something, we put it on ACE,” said Boyce.

By enlisting the help of Staffbase, a global market leader in mobile-first employee comms platforms that engage diverse, disconnected and distributed workforces, to create this new mobile communications portal, the Acenda comms team now easily connects and communicates with employees throughout the state. These employees are often on the-go, visiting clients, or new to the company after a recent merger.

In 2019, three organizations dedicated to quality mental health care in communities across New Jersey became Acenda Integrated Health—Robins’ Nest, Cape Counseling Services, and NewPoint Behavioral Care. As a non-profit in the behavioral health and social services space, Acenda serves the community with over 100 programs for new moms and babies to older adults, caregivers, and veterans. Acenda launched ACE on July 1, 2019 – the day of the merger, becoming the new central hub for communication and employee engagement.

The number of non-desk workers in the global healthcare workforce is conservatively estimated to be just over 59 million workers. The bulk of these employees, however, don’t have the types of jobs that require them to sit at a desk in an office all day. With a Staffbase Employee App or Intranet for healthcare workers, communications professionals can:

  • Organize their staff with a shift plan
  • Host a cultural hub that creates a sense of belonging and builds employee satisfaction
  • Reach, connect, and engage workers across an entire healthcare network from any device
  • Send instant notifications 
  • Ensure a high level of security for sensitive information
  • Finally reduce turnover and burnout
  • Provide top-down transparency from management

About Acenda Integrated Health

Acenda is an integrated health care organization dedicated to world-class prevention, treatment and wellness services, compassionately delivered to ensure that every individual, family and community achieves their greatest potential. Acenda is at the forefront of community based services by offering over 100 innovative programs to support children, adults, families, veterans, caregivers and the community at large. With our results-focused protocols and driven, experienced staff, Acenda is having a measurable impact on so many people, in so many ways.

About Staffbase

Staffbase is a global market leader in mobile-first employee communication platforms for enterprise companies. The mobile compatibility of the company’s platform allows employers to securely reach their employees everywhere with reduced complexity — whether in the office, at home, on the factory floor, or on the road. Staffbase solutions give employees greater access to the corporate information that’s relevant to them and tools for the modern digital workplace, including existing intranets. With headquarters in Chemnitz, Germany, and offices in Amsterdam, Cologne, Dresden, London, Munich, and New York City, Staffbase provides branded solutions for more than 400 leading companies worldwide who are transforming their employee experience including Adidas, Audi, DHL, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Paulaner, UC Health and US LBM.

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Leigh Nofi
Staffbase Inc.
U.S. PR Manager

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