Staffbase Pricing

Employee App

Employee App

A mobile first comms channel that engages employees with targeted content through a branded mobile app.
  • Comms Channel
  • Engagement
  • Interaction and Social Wall
  • News Integrations for SharePoint
Employee Experience Suite

Employee Experience Suite

A new generation intranet that brings information from all departments to one place and make it easy for employees to find.
  • Everything from Employee App
  • Dynamic Pages
  • Front Door Capabilities
  • Employee Directory
  • Process Tools

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Frequently asked questions

Staffbase offers three levels of customer support. Standard customer support is included in our offering for all customers, however, customers can choose to upgrade to a more personalized support plan according to their needs.
Contracts are annual and can be set for a fixed period and renewed after that period ends, or customers can renew each year.
The Employee Experience Suite includes a substantial bundled discount when compared to purchasing Dynamic Pages, Front Door, People, and Processes as add-ons to the Employee App individually.
All of the features offered in the Employee App are included in the Employee Experience Suite. Customers can start with the Employee App and upgrade to the Employee Experience Suite later, or start with the Employee Experience Suite from the start.
We offer specific add-ons available for the Employee App and some that can be added to the Employee Experience Suite as well. Contact us if you would like to purchase an add-on for your current plan.
Add-ons can be purchased at any time. Customers on either plan can remove add-ons or switch to a different plan upon renewal.