Staffbase Pricing

Three transformative options for your employee communications.

Staffbase NOW

Start reaching your entire workforce fast, with a branded internal communications app.
  • A direct line to every employee, no email addresses or phone numbers needed
  • Send company wide updates or targeted news for more relevance
  • Save time with one place to create news and publish to multiple channels

Employee App

Level up the employee experience with modern, engaging communication.
  • A personalized and interactive communications platform for every employee
  • One place for employees to find global or personalised news and interact with others using social walls
  • Engage your employees with features for feedback and easy access to services they need

Employee Experience Intranet

Give your whole workforce one place to start the day and stay connected.
  • The only intranet with end-to-end branding and your company’s own mobile app
  • Highly personalised to each employee, from tailored messages right down to menu buttons
  • Easy-to-use CMS let’s you distribute targeted intranet content and create audience-specific pages

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Frequently asked questions, answered

All 3 solutions are based on the same platform, so switching is very easy. Existing contents are preserved.
Just sign up for a free demo and you'll be in contact with one of our representatives today. We'll help you find the right solution and add-ons, and give you an offer based to your needs. Once you sign a subscription contract, we'll get you up and running in as little as 15 days.
All contracts are annual. They can be set for a fixed period, and renewed after that period ends, or customers can renew each year.
We offer a number of products you can buy as additions to your Employee App or Employee Experience Intranet to make it a perfect fit for your company. Staffbase NOW customers are also eligible to purchase Chat for their solution. Add-on fees are calculated based on the number of licenses a customer has purchased for their solution. They can not be purchased for sub-sets of users. Contact us if you would like to purchase an add-on for your current plan, or learn more about the specific add-ons we offer.
No. Standard customer support is included in our offering for all customers. However, customers can choose to upgrade to an extended support plan according to their needs.
Staffbase offers three different solutions for employee communications. The best way to find the right solution for you is to sign up for a free demo , where you'll talk to one of our representatives about the challenges you're looking to solve. Most of our customers start with an Employee App and many choose to build this out into an intranet with us later. Some customers are looking to re-launch their company intranet right away, which makes the Employee Experience Intranet right for them. Staffbase NOW is best for customers looking for a fast and simple introduction to digital and mobile employee communication.
Yes. The Employee Experience Intranet includes a substantial bundled discount when compared to purchasing Dynamic Pages, Front Door, People, and Processes as individual add-ons to the Employee App.
Yes. Regardless of their solution, customers can purchase or remove add-ons, or switch to a different solution upon renewal.

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Upgrade Your Support


For companies looking for personalized support, close monitoring, and fast access to help.
  • Quick support through phone, email, and ticket form
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 5 days/ year services from Employee Experience Experts, UX-Experts, Designers, Consultants and Developers to increase success
  • Quarterly, remote business reviews

Premium Plus

For companies who want to closely monitor their platform’s success.
  • Fastest support through phone, email, and ticket form with 1 hour response time (12 hours/ day, 5 days/ week)
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Technical Engineer
  • 10 days per year services from Employee Experience Experts, UX-Experts, Designers, Consultants and Developers to increase success
  • Onsite quarterly business reviews