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Staffbase Pricing

Staffbase NOW

Staffbase NOW

Reach your entire workforce in real time and steer your crisis communications with a branded mobile app.
  • News and push notifications
  • Two start pages
  • Multiple languages and auto-translation
  • Branding to fit your company
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Employee App

Employee App

Start reaching, engaging, and inspiring your entire workforce, with the communications platform for modern employees.
  • Interactive comms channel
  • Social wall for employees
  • Unlimited start pages
  • Add-ons for engagement
  • SharePoint news integrations
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Employee  Experience Intranet

Employee Experience Intranet

The only intranet solution on the market that works for all of your employees (yes, frontline workers too!).
  • Everything from Employee App
  • Dynamic Pages
  • Front Door Capabilities
  • Employee Directory
  • Process Tools
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Give Your Employees Even More

Additional products can be added to your Employee App or Employee Experience Intranet to make your solution a perfect fit.

O365 Integrations
Seamless access to files and calendars from Office 365.
Direct, group, and managed group messaging.
Extended options for large, distributed organizations.
Advanced analytics dashboards to measure adoption and user engagement across your platform.
Dynamic Pages
Out-of-the-box design elements and advanced layouts.

*included with intranet solution
Front Door
App launchpad and horizontal navigation on desktop.

*included with intranet solution
Forms for digitizing processes directly in your platform.

*included with intranet solution
Customizable employee directory that makes finding colleagues easy.

*included with intranet solution

Upgrade Your Support


For companies looking for personalized support, close monitoring, and fast access to help.
  • Quick support through phone, email, and ticket form
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 5 days/ year services from Employee Experience Experts, UX-Experts, Designers, Consultants and Developers to increase success
  • Quarterly, remote business reviews

Premium Plus

For companies who want to closely monitor their platform’s success.
  • Fastest support through phone, email, and ticket form with 1 hour response time (12 hours/ day, 5 days/ week)
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Technical Engineer
  • 10 days per year services from Employee Experience Experts, UX-Experts, Designers, Consultants and Developers to increase success
  • Onsite quarterly business reviews

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Frequently asked questions, answered

No. Standard customer support is included in our offering for all customers. However, customers can choose to upgrade to an extended support plan according to their needs.
Contracts are annual and can be set for a fixed period and renewed after that period ends, or customers can renew each year.
Yes. Staffbase NOW is currently being offered with no set-up fee before June 30th, 2020. The Employee Experience Intranet includes a substantial bundled discount when compared to purchasing Dynamic Pages, Front Door, People, and Processes as individual add-ons to the Employee App.
All of the features offered in the Employee App are included in the Employee Experience Intranet. Customers can start with the Employee App and upgrade to the Employee Experience Intranet later, or start with the intranet solution from day one.
Yes. We offer specific feature products you can buy as additions to your Employee App, some of which can also be added to the Employee Experience Intranet. Staffbase NOW customers are not able to purchase additional features for their solution. Contact us f you would like to purchase an add-on for your current plan.
Yes. Regardless of their solution, customers can purchase or remove add-ons, or switch to a different solution upon renewal.