Manage and Enhance Your Content

Write articles, add pictures, see what people comment and finally make real-time information possible. With Staffbase you can create content on the go with just a few clicks.

Content Management
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Add Media

Use various media such as pictures and videos in your content in order to improve the app experience and underline the message you want to convey.

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Choose a Group

Before you post a new feed, decide who will see it. With our different user groups you can easily target your content depending on your specific needs and, hence, create higher relevance.

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Format your text and decide individually which font, spacing, size and block style you want to use for each article.

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On a mobile channel content is no longer restricted to one format. Use short articles as well as checklists, manuals and picture contests to make the app experience more diverse.

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Customize Your Publications

With our news editor, you are able to not only decide when and whether a post goes online, but also if you want to publish it as a push notification.

Customize Your Publications impression
Personalize Your Menu Screen

Personalize Your Menu

Organize your menu bar according to your needs to make sure your content will be in order, everything can be found, and content targeting stays easy.