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Non-desk employees rarely have access to internal corporate news or the chance to share insights with colleagues. In the public transport sector, this pitfall can be easily avoided. With your branded employee app you can provide all of your employees with targeted information, practical HR tools and services, and the opportunity to give useful feedback.

Use employee app by Staffbase to connect non-desk workers in public transportation


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    Quick Crisis Management

    Ensuring that public transport runs smoothly means keeping your employees informed in real time about hazardous weather conditions, outages and maintenance, or sudden road or track closures. Well-informed employees are generally happy employees, and the same goes for your customers. Employee satisfaction also reflects an open and engaging corporate culture.

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    It's All in the Palm of Your Hand

    For deskless workers, the bureaucratic parts of their job are often hard to manage without direct access to documents and HR platforms. With their own mobile employee app, these issues are no longer a problem: Employees can use the app to request vacation days, view their shift schedule, access forms, etc.

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    Turning Employees into Teammates

    Employees in public transport often have little direct contact with their colleagues. Your own employee app gives remote or isolated workers the sense of being part of a team and allows them to see their place in the bigger picture. Such networks promote a feeling of close emotional association with your company.

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Staffbae Employee Experience Platform for BVG

Going Mobile at One of Germany’s Largest Public Transport Companies

The Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) manages the German capital’s U-Bahn railway, tram, bus, and ferry networks. With its PROFIL employee app, not only has the company created a mobile internal news channel, but they’ve also established an effective tool for training and onboarding. These features are available in multiple languages for the benefit of international employees. The handling of crisis situations such as extreme weather conditions can now be communicated via the app, as well as shift schedules, internal job offers, or even the daily cafeteria menu.

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Our Public Transport Customers Successfully Connect Their Employees with a Branded App.

Employee Experience Platform used by Transdev
Employee App BVG
Employee Experience Platform Buslink VIVO

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