Insights to help you better understand the big picture

Staffbase© Smart Impact helps you make smarter decisions, show value, and drive real business impact.

See the reach and exposure of key topics.
Understand what employees think about messages.
Find out if employees are on the same page.
Analytics that go beyond measuring reach

How does Staffbase© Smart Impact work?

Analytics built to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your organization.

Build campaigns based on strategic initiatives and goals
Add pulse checks across content pieces in your campaign
Improve your impact with actionable insights and recommendations
How does Smart Impact work
Smart Campaigns - set goals and benchmark content beyond reach

Smart Campaigns: Set goals and benchmark content beyond reach

Track visibility, engagement, and alignment through metrics such as views, audience reactions, sentiment, and employee agreement (Smart Checks).

Smart Checks - a better way to gain instant feedback on content

Smart Checks: A better way to gain instant feedback on content 

Enhance your Campaigns with integrated content-level surveys and set alignment questions.

Smart Insights - easy set-up, powerful learnings

Smart Insights: Easy set-up, powerful learnings

Identify key messages and milestones and use actionable recommendations to optimize your campaigns and initiatives.

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