Scalable solutions designed to meet every internal comms challenge.


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Faster, safer and more accessible digital communications.

Your internal communications app is designed for to build a stronger connection to your front-line workers -- providing the critical information your employees need right to the device of their choice.

Internal Communications App
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Make your communications matter with targeted messaging and reach.

Give your employees the information and tools they need to navigate their roles. Your employee app will make your internal communication strategy more relevant and engaging, without sacrificing control.

Employee App
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The intranet solution that’s re-imagining employee experience.

Reach your desk and non-desk workforce with a intranet solution that covers all devices—personalized and tailored to the needs of your employees. It’s a best-in-class solution for a reason.

Employee Experience Intranet

How Staffbase elevates your company-wide communications.

A direct line to every employee across your business

A direct line to every employee across your business

Employee communication at everyone's fingertips. Share company news and important updates, so your employees can access the critical information they need directly from their smartphones.
Communication tools with the end-user at heart

Communication tools with the end-user at heart

Give your employees a voice within the workplace. With a mobile communication platform from Staffbase all workers can communicate and interact with the content that keeps them informed.
The data and insights you need to measure success

The data and insights you need to measure success

Measure the reach and impact of your internal communication strategy. Track and monitor engagement so you understand the challenges and topics that matter most to employees.

A communications platform for every employee, finally.

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