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Create a Great Employee Experience

Empower Your Workforce with a Unified Approach to Communication and Services

is the future of
employee communications

1. Simple

Ready-to-go mobile intranet app in less than 5 minutes.

2. Smart

Finding instead of Searching, fast and simple.

3. User-Friendly

Proven design meets customized branding.

Reach all your (non-desk) employees with one simple app.

Many companies have switched from email-based communication and a conventional intranet to an employee app from Staffbase. We support all the features you need to reach your employees on their mobile phones, tablets, or desktop PCs.

Internal Communications:

Send quick notifications and get confirmation from your employees.

Mobile-First Intranet:

Publish news, pages, forms and more to your employee's smartphones.

Corporate Publishing:

Your fully branded own app to meet and engage your employees.

Employee App Testimonial Susann Wanitschke – T-Systems MMS

“We love our employee app!”

Susann Wanitschke - Internal Communications

Your risk-free jump-start into
mobile employee communication.

Best practices:

You don't just buy a great digital communication platform. You buy our experience from dozens of customers with hundreds of thousands of employees from all industries.

Sustainable investment:

We know that you don't start from scratch. Staffbase can integrate into your existing IT environment and is able to grow with your companies’ specific demands.

Secure environment:

We understand that security is your priority. It's our priority, too. That’s why we use very strict data security and data protection measures to protect the data of our customers.

Fast delivery:

Create and preview the app in a couple of minutes. Have your own app ready for usage in just a few days.

Speaks your language:

Staffbase is multi-language ready. Built-in support for 6 languages, easily add your own.

Risk-free test:

We directly show you what you get. No need to buy fancy mockups and concepts before your app gets delivered.

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Internal Communications and HR: 4 Killer Ideas for Working Together Even More Effectively

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Conquer Crisis Quickly with an Employee App

Conquer Crisis Quickly with an Employee App

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Appreciation Makes a Difference at Work

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