Employee Communication That Actually Works

Viessmann successfully connects their 11.000 employees through their own employee app for internal communication.

Employee Communication That Actually Works

Within half a year 4 out of 5 TradeWinds employees started to create content and generated more than 3000 interactions.

Employee Communication That Actually Works

Adams Land & Cattle creates true employee relations over hundreds of miles with their own branded employee app.

is the future of

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1. Simple

Ready-to-go mobile intranet app in less than 5 minutes.

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2. Smart

Finding instead of Searching, fast and simple.

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3. User-Friendly

Proven Design meets customized branding.

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Less than half of all employees with access log on to the company's intranet daily. In comparison, people pick up their phone more than 85 times a day. Considering these two trends mobile intranets have emerged as the solution in internal communications. Because taking your intranet mobile is a challenge in itself though, we have collected 6 commonly made mistakes and a guideline for you to avoid them.

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Mobile-first intranet app for small and medium businesses.

Trying to reach non-desktop workers on their smartphones, tablets or desktops? A lot of companies switched from conventional intranet to their own mobile intranet app using Staffbase.


Content Management:

Whether you publish 1 or 100 articles per day, Staffbase supports your workflow and automatically optimises your content for mobile access. Embed rich media, enable/disable comments and likes, schedule publishing, and choose to send push notifications.

Content Targeting:

Create content for specific target groups. Using multiple channels you can create relevant news for different locations and departments. Content creation can be decentralised, empowering local publishers. Choose who sees what or enable users to subscribe to channels they like.

Public or private:

Content on your app can be both public or private. If you choose private distribution, users will be required to login. We support multiple access methods from printed access codes to Single-Sign on solutions.

Providing information anywhere and anytime makes the difference!

Hanging on the phone for hours? Writing endless mails? That all belongs to the past for us. Communication has become much easier and more reliable with our own employee app!

Our staff works on many different places. Now they can retrieve important information at any time. With push notifications we can always reach them in real-time. Staffbase provides us with a channel to reduce communication chaos and get better results.

Jessica C. Deike - Senior Project & Sales Manager

The most complete employee app solution

Your risk-free jump-start into
mobile employee communication.

Best practices:

You don't just buy a great digital communication platform. You buy our experience from dozens of customers with hundreds of thousands of employees from all industries.

Sustainable investment:

We know that you don't start from scratch. Staffbase can integrate into your existing IT environment and is able to grow with your companies’ specific demands.

Secure environment:

We understand that security is your priority. It's our priority, too. That’s why we use very strict data security and data protection measures to protect the data of our customers.

Fast delivery:

Create and preview the app in a couple of minutes. Have your own app ready for usage in just a few days.

Speaks your language:

Staffbase is multi-language ready. Built-in support for 6 languages, easily add your own.

Risk-free test:

We directly show you what you get. No need to buy fancy mockups and concepts before your app gets delivered.

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The New Employee App: Modern Design, Polished Start Page and Group Messaging

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Handling Crisis Management in the Mobile Age – With Your Employee App

Handling Crisis Management in the Mobile Age – With Your Employee App

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