Employee Communication That Actually Works

Viessmann successfully connects their 11.000 employees through their own employee app for internal communication.

Employee Communication That Actually Works

Within half a year 4 out of 5 TradeWinds employees started to create content and generated more than 3000 interactions.

Employee Communication That Actually Works

Adams Land & Cattle creates true employee relations over hundreds of miles with their own branded employee app.

is the future of
Information Platforms

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1. Works on all devices

Smartphone, tablet, desktop pc, no worries.

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2. Easy onboarding

Even for workers with no @company email adress.

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3. Reasonable pricing

Flexible saas pricing even fits tightly calculated workplaces.

Bringing global and local intranets together.

We have seen many intranet projects where organizations try hard to consolidate a diverse landscape of local intranets into a single global project. Staffbase is the solution to reach all your employees.


Integrate internal sources:

Make long lasting consolidation projects a thing of the past. The Staffbase approach creates a smart and very easy to use information layer that connects multiple sources of news and information across the company. Each information source can be matched with a channel within the Staffbase platform. This allows targeted communication and is very flexible by allowing you to add additional information sources.

Integrate external sources:

Make customer value your number one value. Increase the customer-centricity of your organization and provide your employees a direct view into the front office. Markets are conversations and the conversations about your brand and your products or services are happening now on Facebook, Twitter or within your customer community. Share these valuable insights with your employees and easily add your social media activities as channels into Staffbase.

Open up to all employees:

  1. It works on all devices.
  2. Easy onboarding even for workers with no @company email address.
  3. Navigating and reading content is incredibly easy.
  4. The reasonable pricing even fits to tightly calculated workplaces.

We love our employee app!

It helps us to reach those employees who are not in office on a daily base. Our employees use the app to read corporate news on train, at the airport, in the hotel or at home.

Susann Wanitschke - Internal Communications

The most complete employee app solution

Your risk-free jump-start into
mobile employee communication.

Best practices:

You don't just buy a great digital communication platform. You buy our experience from dozens of customers with hundreds of thousands of employees from all industries.

Sustainable investment:

We know that you don't start from scratch. Staffbase can integrate into your existing IT environment and is able to grow with your companies’ specific demands.

Secure environment:

We understand that security is your priority. It's our priority, too. That’s why we use very strict data security and data protection measures to protect the data of our customers.

Fast delivery:

Create and preview the app in a couple of minutes. Have your own app ready for usage in just a few days.

Speaks your language:

Staffbase is multi-language ready. Built-in support for 6 languages, easily add your own.

Risk-free test:

We directly show you what you get. No need to buy fancy mockups and concepts before your app gets delivered.

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