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Staffbase helps you achieve your greatest HR goals.

HR statistic: Only 19% of HR leaders say their organizations can quickly respond to changing needs.

Manage changes effectively and boost visibility for key initiatives.

In times of transformation, employees need to be kept up-to-date and have access to current information and resources immediately. But you can’t act fast or see positive results if you’re counting on rigid structures, outdated processes, or a jumble of tools. With the Staffbase platform, you can close the information gap. Get company announcements, policies, and self-services into employees’ hands no matter where they work- frontline, remote, or in the HQ-all in real time from one platform.

HR stratistic: 68% of HR departments say retaining and building critical skills for their workforce is their #1 priority.

Reduce turnover and empower non-desk employees.

Retaining talent and enabling your people to do their best work isn’t possible when large parts of your workforce are cut off from brand and culture. Staffbase is an immediate way to engage your entire workforce. From training videos to messages from the CEO and info on health and wellbeing, bring the best of your brand and initiatives to the frontlines of your organization. Engage, motivate, and connect employees to company values and culture-even if they’ve never stepped foot in HQ.

HR statistic: Employees rate listening, hearing, and acting on issues as the #1 most important HR practice.

Improve feedback loops and drive company culture.

If you aren’t tuning in to the employee voice, you’re missing out on activating your company’s most valuable resource: its people. That’s why the Staffbase platform is filled with features to create direct feedback opportunities and and get fast and actionable results. So, you can foster a positive culture, where every employee is included in bringing your organization's mission and culture to life.

We can now give all our employees access to all the information and processes they need, no matter where they are, which device they use, or if they are inside or outside the company.

René Weiß Head of Content & Editorial, Heraeus

5 reasons why leaders in HR work with Staffbase.


Maximum reach for HR information.

Staffbase ensures your HR information and resources can reach every employee on the devices and channels they use most. But more reach doesn’t mean less relevance. Extensive targeting and personalization options make sure your message is getting to exactly those who need it-even in large, distributed organizations.


Increased access to employee self-services.

Confusing processes and complicated access to self-services...sound familiar? For many non-desk workers, it’s the daily reality. But the longer employees are left searching, the more time and resources go to waste. With Staffbase, you can give your entire workforce a simple, consolidated entry point to all the systems, tools, and self-services they need.


Feedback to improve your employee experience.

Prioritizing the voice of the employee doesn’t just mean pushing out a survey once a year. The Staffbase platform makes it easy for HR pros to listen, hear, and act on employee feedback in the moment. Connect with employees directly and use data to see what topics resonate. Close feedback loops. Shape a strong company culture for long-term retention and engagement benefits.


Everything you need to drive employer branding.

Putting your brand’s best face forward internally is key to both retaining talent and attracting new recruits. With Staffbase, employees always have a direct, touchpoint to your company- right next to the other apps they use every day. That’s an instant opportunity to highlight your brand values, boost culture, and showcase why your organization is a great place to work.


100% support for your team and strategy.

Staffbase believes in making HR teams’ work simpler and more effective. And that mission doesn’t just stop once your platform is live. Our Customer Success team works with you to drive adoption, integrate your systems, and engage employees long term. And you benefit from the experience and best practices of 1000+ successful projects.



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Our app has been a game changer for us in the way that we have been able to communicate with all of our crew across the world. From our survey results we can see that our communication score has increased, which has a direct impact on the engagement of our teams.

The team at Staffbase are completely focused on the outcomes that I want to deliver for my company and have supported me in achieving this.

The benefits of Staffbase are that we’re now able to connect colleagues from different departments and business units, communicate top-down efficiently (which has been especially important during the pandemic), and create and send surveys quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staffbase plays wells with others! You can completely personalize the platform to fit to your specific HR setup-from easy linking to full data connections. Get started simply with a growing list of pre-built connectors for systems like Microsoft 365, SAP, or Workday. Use a launchpad within Staffbase to seamlessly link to all your employee tools and services using SSO. Or establish a complete data connection to in-house systems using our open APIs. In any case, we’ll help you find the best option for your organization. So, your employees can have quicker, easier access to crucial tools and services than ever before.
We know tool overload is a common complaint both for HR teams and employees. Whether you’re looking to phase out existing systems or don’t yet have a solution but are wary of adding another one-off tool, Staffbase covers an extensive list of HR use cases all in one platform. With the powerful Forms feature, you can create, send, receive, and analyze customizable digital documents. From surveys and incident reports to service requests, your processes have never been quicker or easier. Staffbase also features out-of-the-box solutions for shift planning and requesting time off as well as organizational tools, such as an employee directory and chat.
No! We've had HR teams launch and maintain their platform without needing any IT support at all. Depending on the size and scope of your platform, your IT department may want to get involved when it comes to optional technical topics like integrations with other company tools. Either way, our team is your team. From app creation to continual improvement and development of the product, we're here to support you. That includes working with your IT team to make your project a success.
With 1000+ successful projects with some of the world’s largest enterprises under our belt, we’re well versed in the topics that workers councils care about. As a people-first platform with top-notch security and Customer Success team, Staffbase successfully bridges the gap between adding value to workers’ everyday lives, while also protecting their data and meeting other security regulations. Read more here about a successful project that involved the workers councils. For more information about how Staffbase could work for your organization’s specific needs, sign up for a free demo.
With Staffbase, you can precisely target any content to user groups specifically tailored to your organization. For example, many of our customers create separate groups for their employees based on their location or role. Once those groups are in place, which we help you set up, you can precisely target and even re-target content to your desired audience. For additional security, you can also require users to “acknowledge” that they’ve read your information. Commenting and other social features can be turned on or off with just a swipe, depending on the nature of the content. The platform’s extensive analytics let you confirm acknowledgements in real time and also show you exactly how many employees have engaged with your content. Learn more about that here.
Absolutely! Creating an informed, engaged, and committed workforce is a journey. We're looking to support you from day one onwards. Our Customer Success team helps you plan your project, get your people on board, and keep your platform at its best. From technical troubleshooting to custom design and content strategy, we help HR professionals take their employee experience to the next level. See more about our shared success here.

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