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Staffbase helps you unite your company.


Build a new culture of connectedness.

Workplace trends show that kindness, compassion, and authenticity are more important to employees than ever. With a comms platform from Staffbase, your whole workforce finally has a common denominator. Our customers report positive changes to company culture, and a more “human” atmosphere at work, despite employees being more dispersed than ever.


Make your strategic priorities clear & accessible.

The last critical step to your key initiatives is getting buy-in from your most important stakeholders: your employees. In times of change, make sure your top priorities are easily available to every person at your organization, from the top floor to the shop floor. With Staffbase, you and your team can quickly share info on your programs, and measure success and acceptance over time.


Make your brand a flagship for innovation.

Employees spend 9x more time on digital media now than they did in 2010. How has your company changed in response? Your branded Staffbase platform personifies your brand. Give employees the same social media style communication we all expect in 2021, at work. Modern, authentic work communication through our platform is more efficient and effective, not to mention a whole lot cooler for employees.

The information in the app reaches all of our employees directly. There is no fake news. Everyone has the opportunity to answer directly, ask questions, and provide feedback. It makes sure everyone is included in things that are happening in the company that impact them personally.

Steve Doyle Managing Director, AD Construction

4 reasons why business leaders choose to work with Staffbase.


A proactive tool to drive top business initiatives.

A communications platform from Staffbase brings your top initiatives full circle. With our end-to-end approach, you and your team get all the tools you need to plan, promote, and measure the success of your programs within your company. Get full transparency on how employees feel about your priorities, and find out whether they’re really making a difference.


Innovation that’s meaningful to your whole company.

What digital initiatives do you have that are impacting your entire company? Your internal communications platform is for everyone - whether they’re in the office or on the front line. Set your brand apart with transparent, authentic communication, gain a competitive edge with modern talent, and wow your legacy staff with a change that impacts them personally.


Maximum ROI & expert support in making the tool a success.

Staffbase has been awarded for best support & easiest business partnership in the industry. Our team of 60+ global experts is there every step of the way to support your comms team, drive creativity, and help you innovate and engage with your platform. Benefit from the best practices of over 1000 customers with a 92% success rate and proven long-term return on investment.


Efficient for you, your comms team, and employees.

There’s nothing more frustrating than overly complicated work processes, especially when time is short. The Staffbase platform gives you the power to connect with your workforce, in just a few clicks. So you and your comms team have what’s needed to get mission critical information out there, fast, while your employees benefit from real-time interaction and easy access self-services.

Want to see how 1000+ leading enterprises are transforming their companies with Staffbase?

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Thanks to the app, we’ve been able to maintain regular operations throughout the pandemic. We are proud of our digital, future-oriented communications package, which now covers much more than just internal comms.

Everything we used to take for granted - the bulletin board, the office interaction, email, training courses - is now also available on the go. Our app has significantly improved learning and communication at various levels at our company.

With our app, we’re able to provide employees with urgent information quickly, even if they don’t have a company email address. The comment function provides our management team with great ideas for improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Many of our customers add members of their management team as content creators in the platform. This way, you can share information directly with your staff and take on a more personal communication style. Some of our customers even have an “Ask the CEO” channel or page, where employees can submit questions to you or other management members directly. Because Staffbase has a robust video uploading capability, many leaders also choose to create video messages to send to their whole company, or certain groups of employees, which has proven a highly engaging format for employees..
Very, very rarely. Nearly all of our customers have the like, comment, and share features activated for the posts in their platform and very rarely experience issues with overly negative feedback, profanities, or harassment. Nearly all employees are excited about the opportunity to participate more in company initiatives and are conscious of how they come across to their colleagues when commenting publicly. For customers who are particularly concerned about this, there is always the option to turn off interactions for certain post, or deactivate those features from the platform completely. Admins also have access to a profanity management tool where questionable comments or exchanges are flagged, and they are notified.
Yes! Many. Depending on how they were communicating with employees before the platform was introduced, most customers save money by using the new digital approach to replace old paper formats and processes for information sharing. Our customers are able to use the app in many creative ways to create real business results, including reducing safety incidents, saving time on the frontline, and even increasing revenue. To learn more about the business impact or get more info on how our customers in your industry are using the app, feel free to contact us, or request a demo.
Yes. We have customers across all different industries and with varying company sizes, many of whom would be happy to chat with your about their experience with us so far. For an opportunity to chat with a reference you can contact us, or simply request a demo.

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