Give your employees a fun and very special gift during the Christmas season: an advent calendar in their employee app. Surprise and challenge them with engaging quiz questions hidden behind every door. Make them guess; make them laugh; and make them compete! May the best employee win!

Find a short overview about how to set it up: The Advent Calendar Plugin for Your Employee App

How does the advent calendar look to users?

User view advent calendar in the app.

A sample question in the Christmas calendar. The calendar doors can only be opened on the appropriate days, and every question must be answered within a certain amount of time.

Users can see where they rank in the quiz, motivating them to play on!

How does the advent calendar look to admins or editors?

Find the advent calendar in the plugins section.

The calendar can be filled with instructive, funny, or thoughtful quiz questions. One or more questions can be added per day.

The advent calendar can easily be tested before December 1st by changing the local date of the device. Skipping to any time in December will provide the opportunity to answer questions and check the ranking. Everything that happens during this period will be reset on December 1st, when the live mode begins.

Edit the calendar on mobile devices, too.