User profiles contain all relevant information about employees: contact data, job title, job-specific skills, and further training. If you’re looking for contact information or experts for special tasks, they can easily be found in the user profiles via the search function. You can add names, phone numbers, and profile pictures, as well as edit user groups and adjust access to the app. Users can be promptly deactivated or removed should employment be suspended or terminated.


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How do User Profiles look to users?


Mobile user view of a contact. See the information the employee wants to share. Users can add their name, position, department, email address, location, profile picture, and phone number.

How do User Profiles look to admins and editors?

8_Admin_Desktop_ User Managemnt_fr

Import and export contacts to the app and edit user groups and names; set who has access to the app, or deactivate users.

8_Admin_Desktop_Profile Fields_fr

Create new fields in settings to add information to a user profile. Set experts, let employees display their LinkedIn contact, or share website addresses.