Staffbase Journeys is a new way to create an even more personalized experience for every employee directly in your Staffbase platform. Not only can you provide useful information and meaningful messages to your people, but also automatically deliver your tailored content at exactly the right moment during their journey.


Build a tailored journey fit to meaningful employee milestones like:
– Promotions
– Role changes
– Employees returning from absences
– Employee onboarding

Example Use Case: Employee Onboarding

Journeys Welcome Article Mobile English

Send a welcome message from the CEO/specific department head to new hires.

Journeys Article Mobile English

Ask new hires to introduce themselves on the Social Wall.

Journeys Survey Mobile English

Get feedback from your new hires with a survey.

Journeys Feedback Article Mobile English

Set a feedback meeting after six months to see how your new hires are settling in.

Journeys Congratulations Article Mobile English

Send your new hires additional information about your employee benefits and programs.

Journeys Admin Dekstop English

Set a starting point and add Journey steps to automate employee onboarding communications.

Journeys Onboarding Page English

Create a dedicated onboarding journey page for your new hires.