Share the daily cafeteria menu with your employees or provide them with a selection of nearby restaurants. A short description of meals on offer and an overview of their prices makes decisions simple and easy and will generate recurring employee interest. It’s also a great incentive for users to onboard the app.


There are two ways to implement the cafeteria menu: An form can be accessed directly within the app, allowing for the quick input of information, or editors and admins can create a channel in which PDF files can be easily uploaded.

How does the Cafeteria Menu look to users?


User view of the weekly Cafeteria Menu.


Description of a selected menu item.

How does the Cafeteria Menu look to admins and editors?


Create the Cafeteria Menu with a desktop and add descriptions, prices, and dates.


Edit the Cafeteria Menu with a mobile device.


Upload a PDF file with the cafeteria menu to a designated channel for all employees to see. There is no further effort for editors.