Stories engage all of us. Helping employees to tell theirs is a highly effective way to get important messages across to the whole company. Provide a channel for your employees to tell their personal work-life stories and thus encourage feedback and recognition.


In order to make the story channel successful, it ‘s important to let employees be creative. Revision of articles by editors must be possible, but it shouldn’t go beyond correcting grammatical errors and making sure that data security guidelines aren’t violated. The introduction of the channel can be accompanied by sample stories to show employees how the platform should essentially look.

How does it look to users?


All employees can see the channel and are able to post pictures and text.

15_User_Mobile_News Feed_fr

Users can like and comment on the articles. They can also create and edit their own stories and publish them directly without the necessity of anyone checking them before they go live.

15_User_Mobile_Form Greetings_fr

There is also a way for an admin to check all posts. Users upload pictures and text and an admin or editor can check it prior to publication. If the post is approved, the admin can publish the story within the channel.

15_User_Mobile_Thanks for subscribing_fr

Show a custom message after subscribing the form. Edit the message in the admin area of the app.

How does it look to admins or editors?

15_Admin_Desktop_Channel Setting_fr

Edit channel settings depending on your needs. Set all users as authors or just individuals.


By choosing the form, you can see submissions in the admin area. Delete inappropriate postings and save pictures from authorized articles. You can also see frontend submissions on desktop and mobile devices. Read more in  Employee Survey.

15_Admin_Desktop_Admin Posting_fr

Post greetings from users in the admin area. You can also make frontend posts on desktop and mobile devices. Learn more in Corporate News.

15_Admin_Desktop_Form Settings_fr

Edit the message which is shown after subscribing the form. Be also able to set different recipients of email notifications for this form. Include submission content to the notification.