Since 2015, Generation Z has been moving into the workforce. As they do, they’re bringing change. Not only will they challenge the way we work and bring new demands to the labor force-which already consists of four generations-but they are also colliding with millennials, who now make up more than half of the working population.


The majority of your trainees are from Generation Z. It’s important to engage these ultimate tech natives, who more than any previous generation are dependent on feedback, since they’ve grown accustomed to receiving it from a young age. Give them a platform to communicate and share their views.


There are two possibilities for a trainee blog:


  1. Trainees can create articles themselves in a separate news channel
  2. Trainees can fill out a form with their text, pictures, and headline, after which an administrator approves the article


Learn more about Genration Z and Millennials on our blog “5 Ways to Be a Better Employer for Millennials and Generation Z“.

How does it look to users?

Trainee Blog in menu of the app.

A trainee blog can be created via a news channel. It will appear under “News” in the menu.

Create an article for the Trainee Blog in the app.

Users can create articles in the app, provided that the admin gives them permission. There is also the possibility to work with a form, where admins can check the articles before they go live.

Overview of the trainee blog in your employee app

The trainee blog shows the latest post with a big teaser picture.

Insights of an article on trainee blog in your employee app.

It’s possible to add links, pictures, or videos to an article.

Editing of the text in the employee app

Text can be added just as in a normal text document-the font can be bold, irregular, or with different headline sizes.

What's important for admins?

Edit the Settings for your Channel in your admin area on Desktop

Admins can edit the settings of an article. They can also turn off comments or likes for an article, or use the highlighting function to convey the importance of specific news items.

Edit Notifications for an article in your employee app

It is possible to activate push messages, making employees more likely to immediately read news. Admins are also able to activate or deactivate email notifications, acknowledgements, and highlighting.

Edit an article when it's already published in your admin area.

Admins are able to edit an article after it’s already been published. This way, it’s possible to correct grammatical errors or erroneous content.