Using your own authentication provider (Single Sign-On with OpenID)


Staffbase provides a solution to distribute news, pages and other content to the smartphones of your employees. Users can be onboarded with corporate email (self service), email invitation or access codes. If your users already have corporate credentials you can let them use those credentials to login with Single Sign-On (SSO). Staffbase supports the state-of-the-art industry standard OpenID. If some of your employees cannot use SSO because they do not have corporate credentials you can use SSO next to Staffbase’s standard authentication options.



Staffbase_architecture overviews2


You’ll work directly with our solutions team to set up the Single Sign-On scenario. Once set up, Staffbase’s SSO service will let your users login with their existing credentials. Staffbase never gets to know those credentials at any point.

When using the SSO service we suggest to also adding the Active Directory integration for automatic user management.

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