Engineering Lead

Chemnitz − Dresden

As an Engineering Lead, your mission is to take care of the people who form a Tribe’s engine. It’s your goal to sustainably improve this engine in order to deliver its products as effectively and efficiently as possible. For that, you will be concerned with growing the Tribe in terms of headcount, as well as skill set and maturity. This also includes ownership over efficient processes as well as ensuring a high quality of our services as the foundation for agile and competitive development of Staffbase.


  • Be visible and approachable for around 25-30 Engineers and Agile Coaches as a servant leader, maintain a relationship so that everyone has a clear understanding of “who is my manager”
  • Quarterly Check-Ins with Engineers & Agile Coaches regarding personal development plans and the according feedback, own compensation discussions and changes
  • Strategically plan and execute the growth of the Tribe (together with Tribe and department leadership), including headcount planning and hiring management
  • Working closely together with around 5 Agile Coaches on
    • Improving “the engine” to increase the created customer value
    • Strengthen the team independency, reducing dependencies between teams and clarify team-bounded contexts, reducing Work-In-Progress limits and team-cognitive load
  • Moderate balance between short-term customer value vs. long-term sustainability together with the Tribe’s Product & Tech Leads, using and shepherding OKRs as the main steering and alignment tool for the Tribe objectives
  • Working with external partners (consulting, implementation or infrastructure)  in order to enhance the Tribe’s capabilities (together with the Product Owners and the Product Lead)
  • Organise and facilitate events

Your profile:

  • You are very familiar with agile methodologies, especially Scrum and XP. While we don’t require any fancy certifications, we want you to have a good understanding of these matters and you should be ready to teach best practices.
  • You have a history in and an understanding of software development and best practices around it. Using this experience you know what it takes to build quality software in today’s world.
  • For that, a past as a software developer and a technical background is very helpful. It will help you to understand issues in our process as well as technology.
  • Ideally, you have experience in leading people in the software industry as well
  • You are a great communicator and like working with people. You care about people and their experience and you are passionate about your job.
  • You are a pragmatic, flexible and agile as well as a servant leader, able to tackle multiple projects at a time.
  • You care about culture in a development team and can inspire a team.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You are interested in the fast-paced world of software development and follow the Silicon Valley startup world.