Working at Staffbase

At Staffbase, we all work together, which should come as no surprise, since helping employees work together is what we do best. We make a people app for people at work—whether they’re sitting at a desk; on the factory floor; out on the road; or wherever their job takes them.

Our Culture

The Staffbase employee app is completely transforming the way organizations communicate and provide services. So it’s only natural that we encourage our people to work from wherever makes the most sense for getting the job done: be it a remote location or one of our three offices in Germany and the United States.

We also realize that everyone has responsibilities beyond the workplace, which is why we make a point of being flexible enough to allow people the time they need to devote care and attention to their families and loved ones.

And did we mention dogs? Because we love dogs—probably since they’re social and friendly and enjoy having fun, just like us (most days).

So while our colleagues are increasingly spread far and wide, it’s no impediment to a spirit of collaboration and cooperation that produces a combined effort far greater than the sum of our parts.

Ultimately, we want Staffbase the company to reflect the promise of Staffbase the app. So far, so good.

Our Values

We Make the Difference For People

Our goal isn’t just selling software, it’s to improve people's lives by creating a sense of purpose, belonging, and appreciation in the workplace. It's a massive responsibility and we love living up to it.

When You Grow, We Grow

We’re always curious! As a team, we’re hungry to learn more every day in order to grow our product, our company, and the value we generate for our customers. We celebrate our achievements by raising a toast, and then we search for the next mountain to climb.

We Play, together

We love working together with our teammates, partners, and customers. Openness, a no-bullshit culture, tolerance, honesty, and an international mindset are the basic building blocks for how we think of team play; these values make up our shared foundation for what to us is more than just a workplace.

We Take Ownership and Just Do It

We empower our teams to make their own decisions—and their own mistakes—and to find the best path to success. We see every problem as an opportunity to find a solution: We love embracing the challenge, solving the riddle, completing the puzzle.

We Win With Passion

Our company exists because we create value for our customers, something we can do best from a position of strength. We want to grow quickly and become the global leader in our young market. As a team, we’re fully committed to going the extra mile to get to the top first.