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Join us on our unique journey and help us inspire people and companies for them to achieve great things together! It's your chance to demonstrate ownership and create a successful future at the market leader - Let's own it!

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Our Culture

Learn more about our mission, our values and the perks and benefits we offer.

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Teams & Locations
Our Teams & Locations

Our teams span across the globe and we offer opportunities in many locations. We are headquartered in Chemnitz, Germany.

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Our Global Benefits

People who do great work deserve great support. Here’s what Staffbase offers to all employees:

Financial Benefits

Let’s talk about money: all Staffbase employees get stock options granted (ESOP). When the company wins, you win, too. Additionally, we offer country-specific pension plans to all employees.

Generous Vacation Policies

Taking time off is important. We grant all employees 30 days PTO.


Ongoing Learning

We thrive on personal and professional growth. Every employee gets €1,000/$1,200/£900/CAD1,400/AUD1,600 per year to spend on education.

Parental Leave

We recognize that one of the most special events in an individual's life is the birth or adoption of a child. We offer paid parental leave options for all employees.



We offer different working time models and hybrid work set ups, to get the best office and working-from-home experience at once. To support your private work setup, we offer all employees a yearly flex work allowance of €1560/£1356/$1608.


We care about your health. Beyond healthy snack options, drinks, and dynamic workspaces, we also offer bike leasing options.


Fun Stuff

From virtual art nights to scavenger hunts: there are no limits when it comes to fun team building activities at Staffbase. Once a year, we all gather for THE ONE BIG internal event: Staffbase Camp.

Giving Back

Giving back is important to us. Every employee can volunteer one day per year at an organization of choice. On top, Staffbase contributes with a donation.

Our Candidate Journey

1-First Call

First Call

Getting to know each other in a first telephone interview with your recruiter. This is a chat about you, the role, and your background. Once this step is completed successfully, we'll move on to the next round.

2-In-Depth Interview

In-Depth Interview(s)

Meet your future team leaders and your peers. Find out about our team structures and have all your questions answered. If all goes well, you'll move to the next process stage.



For positions in the DACH area and Europe, we’re inviting all candidates to an onsite or remote shOWN-time. It's our unique approach to a meeting that highlights our core value of ownership. You’ll meet your future team, demonstrate your skills by completing a task, and get the full Staffbase experience.

4-Final Offer

Final Offer

After a successful shOWN-time meeting, we’re almost ready to go. Once you accept the final offer and sign the contract, you're part of the crew!


Welcome to the Team!

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  • The process usually looks something like this.
    1. First, you’ll have an initial call with one of our recruiters – a chat about you, the role, and your background. If all goes well, you enter the next stage.
    2. The second interview is with one or two members of your future team (likely the team leader). Here you can expect more in-depth questions and also get the chance to learn about the team structures and your responsibilities. This is also the time to ask all your questions. Once this step is completed successfully, we’ll move on to the next round.
    3. Next step: We’re inviting all candidates to our shOWN-time meeting, either on-site or remote. This is our unique approach to a meeting that highlights our core value of ownership. You’ll get some role-specific task(s) and meet multiple colleagues across the business. This allows you to get a good feeling for things at Staffbase.
    4. We’re almost ready to go. After a successful shOWN-time meeting, we will send you the final offer. Once you accept and sign the contract, you’re part of the crew.
    5. Welcome to the team!
  • In the first stages of your application, you can reach out to us here: Important: We only answer emails regarding the recruiting process and related topics. Agency requests, spam and mass mailing will be deleted. In general, we prefer email contact as it ensures smooth communication. If there are urgent matters to discuss, we might call you.
  • Please submit your application in English as we are an international company.
  • Job applications are not limited. However, be sure to apply for roles that strongly match your specific skills and work experience.
  • Interviews vary across roles and regions. Be prepared to answer questions about your CV and make yourself familiar with Staffbase.
  • No worries! Staffbase is committed to providing reasonable accommodation during the shOWN-time process. However, terms may vary between the different regions. Please reach out to your recruiter for further assistance.
  • Focus on your strengths. We like to know what you’re good at, rather than focusing on weaknesses. Come prepared, ask us questions, and be sincere. Tell us something that’s not included in your CV. We’re no big fans of set phrases, but interested in people and their experiences. Share when you’ve failed and learned. One of our values is “growth” and failure is an important part of that process. Hence, we’re not afraid of making mistakes and you shouldn’t hesitate to talk about the blunders you’ve made in the past.
  • Our job applications are up-to-date and include application deadlines if existing. For most openings, we accept applications on a rolling basis.
  • If you’re applying for a role where work samples come in handy, we’d be thrilled to see what you’ve been up to currently. Work samples tell us more about your skills and unique style.
  • A cover letter is not mandatory. Not submitting one won't impact your chances to get invited to an interview. However, we’d love to learn more about your motivation, interests, strengths, or whatever else you want to tell us. A cover letter gives us the opportunity to learn about your personality beforehand and will help us to have more meaningful interview conversations. So long story short: we love cover letters!

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