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a young, fast-growing company with locations in Chemnitz and New York. Supported by renowned investors and customers worldwide we develop an employee experience platform that shapes the future of internal communications. 

Our team of specialists works for and with an international target audience and exercises both and open and meritocratic code of culture.

We offer the opportunity to grow in a dynamic environment and be part of our mission. Our loft office, free drinks, fresh fruit and our office dogs Coco and Polly are just as much part of that deal as a young team, flexible working hours and an attractive salary.

The positions advertised are to be filled immediately, in full-time and permanent.


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  • Frontend Development JavaScript: Design, develop and maintain mobile applications in a dynamic environment. Change how hundreds of user see and interact with their companies and create the perfect UX for our customers.
  • Frontend Development HTML/CSS: Work with our young team in the environment of hybrid apps and develop a product that aims to change corporate communication while convincing with an elegant design.
  • Backend Development Java/MongoDB: Our backend is the backbone of our company. Develop solutions, troubleshoot problems and build a technology that changes the future of the workplace.
  • DevOpsBe the secret weapon that knows a variety of open source technologies and tools, has the ability to code and script as well as having a strong focus on business outcomes.
  • Full-Stack Development PHP/JavaScript: The jack of all trades.



  • Product Management: Our customers use Staffbase as the heart of their mobile-first employee experience strategy. This involves a lot of requirements considering the core product, it’s APIs and partner/integration ecosystem. Our product management team works with our customers to understand their needs and defines the product roadmap to provide the world’s best platform for employee experience.
  • Quality Assurance: Our quality assurance team guarantees that the app is flawless and takes care of bugs before anybody else even knew they were there. They work closely with our product management and customer success team in order to ensure a perfect UX.
  • Technical Writer: Transform complex facts into precise sentences. Work closely with our developers but also take the perspective of our users in order to carry our message into the world.


Customer Success

  • Human Resources Consultant: Our customers are on a mission to transform their corporate culture by introducing Staffbase to their organisations. We work closely with their HR department to make this happen. If you have extensive experience in this field or are passionate about modern HR – join us and work with our customers.
  • Internal Communications Consultant: Our customers have a vision and want to digitize and transform their internal communication. You have experience in IC and know the industry and its needs? Then join us and help others in the field to take the step into a modern workplace experience.
  • Account Manager: Our customers have a vision and want to digitize and transform their internal communication. You have experience in IC and know the industry and its needs? Then join us and help others in the field to take the step into a modern workplace experience.



  • Sales Executive US / EMEA: We work with large organisations, many of them having 10,000 or even more employees. Our Sales Executives know the complex decision-making processes that takes place inside those companies, guide our customers through the whole process from a deep-dive product demo to the sale and help them to lay out a successful start for their Staffbase project. Read more: Sales Executive for Staffbase
  • Sales Development US / EMEA: Advance new opportunities to new customers. Represent and provide education about Staffbase’s solutions for potential clients, then bring them on board. Our sales team is dedicated to impeccable client service and helps potential customers to take the leap. Read more: Sales Development Representative for Staffbase



  • Outbound Marketing Campaign Manager: Tell the world about Staffbase by adding a predictive lead acquisition channel to our marketing pipeline. We work with tools like paid ads in relevant target media, social media and targeted email campaigns. As an outbound manager, you plan, execute and analyse our outbound marketing campaigns.
  • Market Researcher / Outbound Analyst: Our analysts draw insights and create solutions from data in order to find new customers and ideal ways to reach out to them.
  • Head of Marketing: Manage our global and fast-growing marketing operations. Make sure that Staffbase is perceived for what we are – the worldwide #1 for mobile-first employee communication & engagement.
  • English Content Writer: Our content is key and the centrepiece of every inbound marketing campaign. Help us to attract potential customers and expand our position as knowledge provider in internal communications.



  • Student Associate: We’ve all been there. If you look for a part-time job during your studies or just want to get an opportunity to look into our company and culture during an internship – we’re open to hearing about you, your passions and plans for the future.



You’re interested in one of our vacancies? Shoot us an email to sabrina@staffbase.com 


Your profile doesn’t fit but you still believe we should get to know each other? We’re always looking for talented new team members who can help us moving forward. Contact us and tell us more about yourself!


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