Working at Staffbase

At Staffbase, we all work together, which should come as no surprise, since helping employees work together is what we do best. We make a people app for people at work—whether they’re sitting at a desk; on the factory floor; out on the road; or wherever their job takes them.

Our Culture

The Staffbase employee app is completely transforming the way organizations communicate and provide services. So it’s only natural that we encourage our own employees to work from the most convenient and practical location, as long as it serves the job. You can work remotely or from one of our offices in Germany, the UK or the United States - whatever suits your situation best!

We also realize that everyone has responsibilities beyond the workplace, which is why we make a point of being flexible. We give our employees the possibility and time to devote care and attention to their families and loved ones.

While our colleagues are geographically dispersed, the spirit of collaboration and cooperation is undiminished. Together, we create a combined effort far greater than the sum of our parts.

Ultimately, we want that Staffbase as a company reflects the promise of the Staffbase product.

The video below shows in a nutshell how collaboration and fun looks like at Staffbase. Have a look!

PS: Did we mention dogs? We 💙 dogs — probably because of their social and friendly nature, their passion for food and funny character. They are the official feelgood managers at Staffbase!