Staffbase Sub-Processors

12 June 2020

To support the delivery of the Staffbase Services, Staffbase (Staffbase GmbH, Staffbase Inc. or one of its other Affiliates listed below) uses Sub-Processors that may store and process personal data of Staffbase’s Customers. Prior to engaging a Sub-Processor, Staffbase carefully evaluates the privacy and data protection, security, and confidentiality practices of that Sub-Processor. Staffbase also enters into a data processing agreement and, if relevant, standard contractual clauses with Sub-Processors. This page provides important information about the identity, location, and role of our Sub-Processors. Terms used on this page but not defined have the meaning set forth in our Terms of Service or, if applicable, in the signed Master Service Agreement between the parties (in either case, the"Governing Agreement").

List of Sub-Processors

Staffbase currently uses the following Sub-Processors to provide infrastructure services and to perform other service functions related to the Staffbase Service.

Service Provider

Country and Address

Processing Activities

Storage Location

Infrastructure – DE Hosting


Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur, Germany

ISO 27001 certified data hosting.


SysEleven GmbH

Boxhagener Straße 80,10245, Germany

ISO 27001 certified data hosting.


Infrastructure – US Hosting

In addition to the above, we use the following Sub-Processor for Customers with US hosting

Microsoft Corporation (Azure)

One Microsoft WayRedmond, Washington 98052, USA

ISO 27001 certified data hosting.


Other Staffbase Service functions

Mailjet SAS

13-13 bis, rue de l’Aubrac – 75012 Paris, France

ISO 27001 certified email service provider used to deliver emails to Authorized Users. Mailjet has access to the email addresses of Authorized Users and the content of the email itself.


Google Firebase

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043, USA

We use Google Firebase to send push notifications to the mobile application used by Authorized Users. Google Firebase only processes Instance IDs to determine which devices to deliver the notification to. Authorized Users can control push notification through the app settings.


Sub-Processors that only process personal data of Admin Users

Zendesk, Inc.

1019 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Zendesk provides a platform to manage customer support requests. Only Admin Users can request support from Staffbase via the Zendesk platform. The personal data that may be processed by Zendesk in this regard is the Admin User’s name, email address and content of  the support ticket.


Optional Sub-Processors

Amazon Web Services Inc.*

410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, Washington 98109-5210, USA

Amazon provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for international distribution of any media asset (pictures, video, files) selected for use with the Staffbase Service. Customer’s use of the CDN results in faster delivery of media files. Media files uploaded by Customer  can contain personal data, such as names or images.


* If the CDN service is turned off for the end user, Amazon Web Services Inc. is not a Sub-Processor.


Microsoft Corporation*

One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington 98052, USA

ISO 27001 certified translation service. We use Microsoft Translator to provide on-demand translations. Microsoft may process personal data stored in the content of what is sent for translation. Microsoft immediately deletes this information and so no translations are written to permanent storage. There will be no record of the submitted content, or portion thereof, in any Microsoft data center.


* If the translation service is turned off or not available for the end user, Microsoft Corporation is not a Sub-Processor.


Staffbase Group

Depending on the geographic location of a Customer or their Admin Users, and the type of Staffbase Services provided, Staffbase may also engage one or more of the following Staffbase Affiliates as Sub-Processors when accessing Customer Data:

Staffbase Affiliate

Affiliate details

Staffbase GmbH

Germany – registered in Germany with Company number HRB 29196

Staffbase UK Ltd

UK – Registered in England with Company number 11666265

Staffbase B.V.

Netherlands – Registered in the Netherlands with Company number 75849895

Staffbase Inc.

USA – Incorporated in Delaware, US, with file number 6032180, with headquarters in New York, New York.

These Staffbase Affiliates are required to deliver (technical) support and similar services to a Customer. For example, our customer support team of Staffbase Inc. may need to provide support to a Customer that has entered into the Governing Agreement with Staffbase GmbH. Staffbase has an intragroup data processing agreement, including Standard Contractual Clauses, to facilitate these transfers.


The Sub-Processors we engage may change as our business continues to grow and evolve. We will endeavour to keep this page up to date. We will update our Customers of any new Sub-Processors in accordance with our Data Processing Agreement.

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