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Explore the Full Potential of Your App with Our Features

Staffbase offers ready-made plugins and features for all contingencies and communications needs. In addition, we propose the possibility for developers to design their own, on top of our set of APIs.

Icon News


Use the personalised news feed to spread internal company information, keep everybody updated and encourage your employees to share their experiences.

Icon Add Media

Add Media

Use various media such as pictures and videos in your content in order to improve the app experience and underline the message you want to convey.

Icon Choose a Group

Choose a Group

Before you post a new feed, decide who will see it. With our different user groups you can easily target your content depending on your specific needs and, hence, create higher relevance.

Icon Layout


Format your text and decide individually which font, spacing, size and block style you want to use for each article.

Icon Formats


On a mobile channel content is no longer restricted to one format. Use short articles as well as checklists, manuals and picture contests to make the app experience more diverse.

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Icon Notifications


Push Notifications are a game changer in internal communication. They finally make immediate responses and reception of important information possible anytime, anywhere.

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Icon Pages

Pages & Documents

Upload static information such as onboarding manuals and daily checklists and create new pages to further organise your internal workflow.

Icon Employee Directory

Employee Directory

All important information on your employees such as names, phone number and email addresses can be added to the app in addition to emergency contacts and responsible authorities.

Icon Mealplan

Cafeteria Menu

Your cafeteria's daily menu might be the perfect first use case to generate value for your employees and motivate them to sign up for their employee app.

Icon Survey


Employee Surveys are a great way to track your employee happiness. Three basic smileys help you to daily check on your employee's satisfaction and never miss a beat.

Icon Location


With sites all over the world, maps and locations settings help employees to find the conference room, the workshop space, or their new office.

Icon Chat


A securely established internal chat takes conversations away from WhatsApp and puts them on a platform where corporate information is safe, while enabling employees to use the tool they are most attached to.

Icon Upload

Upload Images, Videos and Documents

To make the app experience more versatile and fun upload all forms of media. Use videos to teach your employees new skills or pictures to give the app a more social aspect.

Icon Plugins


Because we are constantly working on improving your experience with us we also have developed plugins for calendars, event registration, embedded pages, your Facebook page, SurveyMonkey and many more.

Multilingual Support
Icon Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

Having an international team is something a lot of our customers strive for. Our app, hence, supports content in more than 30 languages. Furthermore, the interface can be displayed in eight languages including Chinese.

Icon Forms


Checklists, directories, reports and financial documents find a new home in Staffbase. Have all your important forms on one platform, save time and increase your efficiency.

Icon Plugins

Custom Plugins

In addition to our extensive list of already available features your development team is invited to design their own plugins on top of our set of APIs.

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Behind the Curtain

Show Statistics, Deploy Data and Ensure Engagement

Your administration interface gives a comprehensive overview over user numbers, most read posts and onboarding processes.


The dashboard is the pulse of your app, it shows which posts are interesting to your employees, how many users are engaged, who left the last comment and who is online.

Customize Your Publications

With our news editor, you are able to not only decide when and whether a post goes online, but also if you want to publish it as a push notification.

Personalize Your Menu

Organize your menu bar according to your needs to make sure your content will be in order, everything can be found, and content targeting stays easy.


Our easy statistic plugin visualizes how many people saw, read and commented on as well as shared your posts. This enables you to keep track of your app’s success at all times.


To make sure all your content and published information is perfect use our preview function. This function will enable you to see your new post on multiple devices before it goes live.

Getting Started with an Employee App

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