Spring is here, and as everyone knows, April showers bring May upgrades. (Just don’t try watering your computer to get these new features, please. Instead, you can contact your customer support agent to get them activated.)

This time around, we have one particularly exciting new announcement: the launch of a beta program for our new product, Mission Control, which currently is available at no additional cost to Staffbase Employee App and Intranet customers.

Mission Control acts as the navigation system for communications teams to plan, deliver, and understand the strategic impact of employee communications.

Release Overview

In this video, we’ll take a few minutes to introduce you to the latest updates from Staffbase. Press play to see all of the new Staffbase Releases in action!

If videos aren’t your thing, check out the video script below to learn about our Q2 2024 Release, or head straight to the Q2 Release Notes for more details. 

If you’re not a Staffbase customer yet, we’d love to show you how these new features (and a whole lot more) can transform communication at your organization.

Video Script

Mission Control: Smart Impact v1

Launching as part of Mission Control, Smart Impact v1 helps you take your campaign analytics to a whole new level. Track and course-correct the performance of your strategic campaigns with aggregated insights. Our new, centralized dashboard helps you move towards outcome-based reporting by providing in-depth insights into three new key metrics: visibility, engagement, and AI-powered sentiment analysis.

Staffbase Release Q2 2024 Image 01

Mission Control: Content review mentioning

With Mission Control, it is now also easier to collaborate on content when working with your co-workers. In the existing chat functionality, you can now use the @ symbol to mention colleagues just like you would when collaborating on a document in the cloud. Your colleagues are then notified via email, improving the publishing experience by helping you quickly get people’s attention.

Content production in Staffbase Studio

Mission Control: Campaigns display monthly in Editorial Calendar

Mission Control aims to make strategic planning for comms possible for every team. With our updated Editorial Calendar, you can now see time-bound and color-coded campaigns directly in the editorial calendar. This helps you keep an overview of all active and planned campaigns and avoid overlaps and gaps.

Content calendar in Staffbase

Staffbase Companion Editor

Companion Editor is finally here and available to all! Leverage compliant AI-powered content creation within the Staffbase Studio to produce, edit, and refine news content. Unleash your creativity and use your own prompt or use our pre-selected prompts based on comms best practices. With our latest update, Companion Editor now also supports in-line editing to bring our virtual content assistant even closer to your comms workflow.

AI writing with Staffbase Companion

Users in multiple groups

Unlock even more email collaboration capabilities with multiple group support for email editors. By allowing users to be in more than one group, they will now have access to the templates and drafts they need to work on, increasing efficiency and cross-departmental collaboration.

Manage users in multiple groups in Staffbase
Edit users in Staffbase

Improved comment moderation

Our comment moderation feature has also been upgraded. You can now filter comments by Space, navigate through comments more quickly using tabs for different statuses — including hidden for moderation, reported, and removed — and narrow down comments by channel.

Comment moderation in Staffbase

Custom header links

Navigation is getting even more efficient and personalized with custom header links! Just add the menu item or custom link of your choice in the desktop header and target the visibility by group or user to create a personalized navigation experience for every employee.

Custom header links in Staffbase

File Manager — organize and share Collections

Elevate your content creation game with Collections! Seamlessly organize and share files for enhanced findability and collaboration. You can also manage access controls for who can view, edit, delete, and share content within collections.

File manager in Staffbase

Upgraded CSV imports

Experience user upload efficiency like never before with our latest enhanced CSV imports! Now, effortlessly manage your user base with streamlined processes, including delta imports for updating subsets. Keep track of imports with a 30-day overview, monitoring progress at every stage. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of asynchronous imports, freeing admins to multitask in the Studio.

CSV user import and sync in Staffbase

Recent posts on User Profile

Ready for a new way to discover content in Staffbase? Now you’re able to navigate to a user’s profile and view their previous posts! The next time you read a particularly energizing post, take a look at who wrote it and see which other articles catch your eye.

Recent posts on User Profile in Staffbase

New Studio & content interface languages

Experience the power of multilingual communication within the Staffbase Studio! Now, your Studio speaks in six additional languages: Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Italian. Empower your global team as they effortlessly navigate the Studio in their native tongues, while end-users enjoy a seamless interface, now including Georgian.

New Studio and content interface languages in Staffbase