Who says nothing gets done in summer? August is the month of Staffbase’s Q3 release, which has a little something for everybody. Whether you’re a Staffbase App, Intranet, or Email customer, there are some great new improvements for you like Chat Voice Messages, a Monthly Editorial Calendar, support for Email Aliases, and more.

Release Overview

In this video, we’ll introduce you to the latest updates from Staffbase in just a few minutes. Press play to see new Staffbase releases in action!

If videos aren’t your thing, check out the video script below to learn about our Q3 Release, or head straight to the Q3 Release Notes for more details. 

If you’re not a Staffbase customer yet, we’d love to show you how these new features, and a whole lot more, could transform communication at your organization.

Video Script

Voice Messages in Chat

Our Q3 release starts with something old school that’s been making a big comeback . . . voice messages. On the go? No problem! Employees can now communicate quicker and easier, with voice messages in both one-to-one and group chats. 

New User Profile Page

Next, our user profiles pages just leveled up with a brand new look and feel. Beyond the sleek, modern layout, there’s a new option for header images as well as the ability to add custom fields like personal pronouns and profile headlines, allowing employees to add more personal touches than ever before. 

Content Description for Pages

We’re  also adding a little more organization to pages, with the option to include content page descriptions. Help employees quickly and easily find the information they need with enhanced context that is viewable right in their search results.

Monthly View of Editorial Calendar 

It’s harder than ever to be strategic. Our new monthly editorial calendar view helps you plan your content ahead of time. Improve your content planning and understand long-term patterns by viewing planned, scheduled, and published news posts in a monthly overview, which is also filterable for specific channels and spaces.

Channel Editor Access to Analytics

Our Analytics have also been upgraded. Channel editors now have access to news and content analytics, allowing them to see detailed statistics for all content published in channels that they have editor rights for.

Video Insights Improvements

Now you can more easily access video insights directly from the file manager and see if employees are actually watching your videos. Video insights are also now available for videos that you’ve used as a post header. 

Improved User Registration Analytics 

With our improved user registration analytics, you can now analyze registration data based on specific time intervals or user groups. The users activity time series graph now also displays the number of registered users on your platform over time.

Instant Surveys

There is also a handy new feature for our surveys to make it less complex to get a pulse check of your employees. In addition to scheduling surveys, admins can now also use our “publish now” feature to publish surveys and polls instantly. 

My Files

Separate from our central file management tool, you can now view and manage only the files that you’ve uploaded using My Files. Within My Files, you easily search for, filter, and reuse files across all widgets that support uploading media files. 

Staffbase News for Viva Connections

In this release, we are also adding a range of new features for our Microsoft integrations. 

Up first — Staffbase News in Viva Connections. Reach your employees who are using Viva Connections and Teams with Staffbase news posts integrated seamlessly in the Viva connections dashboard.

Microsoft 365 Extensions Page

A new Microsoft 365 extensions page in the Staffbase Studio will help you discover our Microsoft 365 integrations more easily and directly download the integration packages.

Power Automate Sentiment Analysis 

Now you can use AI-powered sentiment analysis to better understand your audiences across comments and news posts. With our two new Power Automate templates, you can focus your attention on comments or news posts that are most likely to be problematic.

Email Aliases

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve added the ability to send Staffbase Email via aliases such as “internalcomms@” without logging into separate accounts. Aliases also allow you to easily share sending addresses with your colleagues while maintaining seamless analytics.