You can't manage what you can't measure. This is especially true when it comes to communities and audiences. Staffbase analytics features can help you to understand how your employee app is being used.

The Big Picture

Right in the dashboard of the administration panel you'll see two charts: "Active Users" shows you how many people opened the app in recent days. You can filter down to active users per hour to find out when people use the app most. The other chart shows the development of your engaged users, including people who commented and liked your articles. Finally, there are lists for the most viewed, most commented, and most liked articles.

Transform Your Internal Communications

Detailed Article Insights

Staffbase provides an individual report for every article published. It's available in the app itself so that you can even check out reactions to your articles when you're on the go. The report includes the number of views, readers, likes, and comments. If you used the acknowledgment feature you'll also see who's confirmed that they've read the article.


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