Millennials and Gen Z are making up the biggest part of the workforce and they demand mobile communication, transparency, feedback and an employee experience more than any other generation before them.

Our Global Customers Already Engage Their Employees With Staffbase

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The Right Channel is Already in Your Employee's Pockets

Create a channel that can be interactive and fast while ensuring an effective company-wide distribution of validated information.

Fast, branded and on the device that is the younger generations heartbeat: The smartphone.

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Talking to the Generations


Employees put a high premium on transparency in their interactions with different levels of management, going as far as naming it the top factor in determining their happiness and satisfaction in the workplace. With your own app you have the opportunity to create a news channel that is not only trusted but also formed with and by your employees.


Growing up with Facebook and Twitter Millennials and Gen Z put a high value on feedback and collaboration. Both on a horizontal and a vertical level. Facilitate this feedback with a chat function and interactive news channels and drive productivity to a maximum.


Millennials and Gen Z want to work for a company that matters to them and only stay, if they are engaged. Higher engagement, in addition, leads to higher customer satisfaction, a well-received customer brand and, ultimately, higher revenue. Our platform creates this engagement by standing with your employees every step along the way. From onboarding to rewards to benefit programs.


The technological native generations expect and need new technology to exploit their full potential. The digital workplace is their home and they often no longer work from an office. Staffbase provides your employees with an app that seamlessly integrates itself into their lives, connects them to their workplace no matter from where and shows your company's dedication to new technologies.


Tools That Connect

Chat Icon


A securely established internal chat takes conversations away from WhatsApp and puts them on a platform where corporate information is safe, while enabling employees to use the tool they are most attached to.

Push Notifications Icon


Push Notifications are a game changer in internal communication. They finally make immediate responses and reception of important information possible anytime, anywhere.


Use the personalised news feed to spread internal company information, keep everybody updated and encourage your employees to share their experiences.

Checklist Icon


Employee Surveys are a great way to track your employee happiness. Three basic smileys help you to daily check on your employee's satisfaction and never miss a beat.

Video Icon

Upload Images, Videos and Documents

To make the app experience more versatile and fun upload all forms of media. Use videos to teach your employees new skills or pictures to give the app a more social aspect.

Multilingual Support

Having an international team is something a lot of our customers strive for. Our app, hence, supports content in more than 30 languages. Furthermore, the interface can be displayed in eight languages including Chinese.

Pages Icon


Checklists, directories, reports and financial documents find a new home in Staffbase. Have all your important forms on one platform, save time and increase your efficiency.


With sites all over the world, maps and locations settings help employees to find the conference room, the workshop space, or their new office.


Because we are constantly working on improving your experience with us we also have developed plugins for calendars, event registration, embedded pages, your Facebook page, SurveyMonkey and many more.

Employee App Testimonial Andreas Reichert – Paulaner

“You get a lot of smaller pieces of information on the company that you wouldn't get otherwise. A little bit like grapevine communication, just cooler.“

Andreas Reichert - Senior Consultant

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