T-Systems isn’t what you’d call a typical customer. As a subsidiary of the German giant Telecom, their employees sit at desks and they all have access to the intranet every day.

Still, the company had a problem getting news where it needed to go, and trouble engaging with a workforce whose average age is only 35. What they needed was a mobile communication channel that was easier to use than the intranet—one that would hit home with their millennials. Their solution? The employee app “MyMMS.”

In our webinar, Susann Wanitschke, intranet manager at T-Systems MMS, along with Frank Wolf, co-founder of Staffbase, team up to discuss the use cases of a mobile app, how the benefits of digitization have influenced their millennial workforce, and the important role played by push notifications.

Watch the recording here and learn how this young company put some unconventional ideas into practice.

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