Since 2009, Staffbase’s new partner Contilla has been providing interactive content-marketing tools that optimize onboarding and training and enhance the employee experience. We’re pleased to announce that six embeddable components are now available for the Staffbase employee app, all of which are sure to increase the user rate and the amount of time your employees spend in their app. This interactive content can be integrated in as little as two minutes—in-depth IT knowledge is not required!


There’s no other format for infotainment quite like the quiz, which combines a high entertainment factor with more practical applications. For example, a quiz can interactively provide your employees with all the information they need about a new product. Unlimited questions can be created per quiz, and individual questions can be expanded to include additional texts and pictures.

Contilla Christmas Calendar

Personality Test

Here, employees can see where they stand in regard to important job-related topics (for example, organizational issues such as data protection). At the same time, you can engagingly stimulate employee thinking about more complex subjects such as digital transformation and burnout prevention. Up to six different subjects and an unlimited number of questions can be created, and links leading to further information for each topic can be added. The results will also serve as anonymous data that can be evaluated for important factors which influence the workplace climate.

Contilla Personality Test


“Pairs” works just like the memory game popular with children. Because of its familiarity, this content is a real “click magnet.” With customizable cover sheets and playing cards, the game offers an especially great way for introducing new products. It can also be used for knowledge transfer, requiring players to form logically matching pairs (e.g., Construction Site = Safety Helmet).

Contilla Pairs


Contilla provides a sophisticated tool for administering employee surveys. They are easy to create, and several types of questions can be configured: single choice, multiple-choice, and even open questions. Simple opinion surveys, as well as exams within a framework of continuing education or e-learning measures can be easily created with interactive feature. As an added bonus, all responses can be easily exported to Excel.

Contilla Survey

The 2018 World Cup Bracket Challenge

The 2018 Soccer World Cup is coming, and no one is immune from the excitement. The World Cup prediction game is sure to be a workplace morale booster. Letting your employees compete with one another to predict match outcomes is a simple yet effective way to increase the fun factor at work. It also encourages interaction and friendly competition between your employees while strengthening team spirit. This competition is a great way to bring all of your employees into your app and increase the time they spend there.

Contilla Soccer World Cup Game

If you’re interested in the new interactive content or if you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact us via our marketplace.

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